About Clubs From Above

Sikorsky, our photographer, writes :

My parents are lifelong football fans. Arsenal season ticket holders for decades, they have travelled the length and breadth of the country, and sometimes Europe, following their team - through rain and sunshine, good times and bad. Just like countless other die-hard supporters of hundreds of other teams.

Now, they are getting on a bit. They are ancient, and doddering, and scarcely able to get out of bed in the morning. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration (hi Mum and Dad if you're reading!) but they're not quite as up for spending 9 hours on the motorway to get to Hull on a rainy Tuesday night as perhaps they once were.

I have had an interest in aerial photography for some time, concentrating mainly on landscape photography. But one day it came to me - why not do the same thing for the football stadiums of England?

The greatest challenge for many of these pictures was finding the right means to photograph from on-high. I have stood on roofs, dangled from cranes, sat in planes, helicopters and hot-air balloons, and used zoom lenses as long as your arm.

So here we are. Clubs From Above. I hope these pictures bring as much joy to all the football fans out there as they have to my Mum and Dad.

If there is a stadium which you would particularly like me to visit, please Contact Us and I will get on it as soon as possible.